St. James School-Building Proposal

St James building proposal US $$

giving hope to the children of Pakistan
Pending Project Proposals in Pakistan
April 2013
St. James Middle School , Henry K Colony, Lahore

Salomi Tehla comes from a Christian family in Lahore. As an active member of
her Pentecostal church, Salomi was a Sunday School teacher and increasingly
aware that many of the children in her church did not attend school. Either they
were too poor to attend a private school or too intimidated to attempt to go to
the Muslim dominated Government school.
With help from her brother James (hence the name of the school) she opened
her own home to local Christian children with no schooling. With only personal
and family resources, which were clearly inadequate, she soon had 150 children
crowding into her home. She was paying teachers (mainly her Sunday School
teachers) just 1,000 Rupees (US $10) a month.
Starfish Asia support
In 2008 Starfish Asia began providing funding to increase standards, teachers’
salaries and basic educational facilities. The school is now giving a future and
a hope to 230 Christian children from poor homes. Next year the school will
become a High School and begin to present students for their Matriculation
(class 10) exam.
The present urgent need Until today the school has used the upper portion of Salomi’s own family home.
There is no furniture and no space. The need to shift to new premises has been
urgent for several years and is now imperative. Salomi has tried in vain to find a
suitable building for rent within the colony.
Starfish Asia provides Rupees 90,000 ($ 900) each month to cover the cost of
salaries, utilities and other requirements for the school. St. James is registered
with the Punjab Education Board as a Middle School. Fees of $1 a month are
charged. The Bible is taught daily to the students.
A suitable building (residential but with adequate space to develop into
a school with some structural adjustments) is on offer for sale very close to
Salomi’s home. The building would become the property of a registered
property Trust owned by local Christian Trustees approved by Starfish Pakistan.
Full purchase price: US $ 40,000
Already received: US $ 10,000
Required before mid-July: US $30,000
Running costs monthly: US $900

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