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Honorable Anser sb.

The staff and students of Holy Field High School are highly thankful for the gracious grant of PKR 100,000 for the furniture. We wish to report that the grant has been has been used for the expressed purpose as follows:-
40 Desk with Benches for 2 students each:
Please note that the painting has been done by the male staff and students to save for more benches.
The school assures Starfish Asia for continued caring for the students who are unable to go to city schools due to high fees and travel expenses. These benches shall be preferably used for higher classes students to make them comfortable in their long hours of studies.
Once again the staff and students are highly appreciative for this valuable support for this village school. May God bless STARFISH abundantly.
With blessings and very kind regards.
Thanks and Regards,
 Ashir Bashir
Holy Field High School
Boobatian Raiwind Road Lahore

Abba Home -Furniture

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Dear Mike Wakely

Star Fish Asia UK

Subject: Thanks Giving

Respected Sir,
The management of Abba Home is grateful to you for financial support for school furniture for 30 minor daughters of Abba Home.

· 5 Student Table & Bench (steel & wood)
· 2 Cupboards( library & class room)(wood)
· 3 Teacher Chairs(steel & wood)

The gratitude is also offered to Ansar Javed for his efforts sharing the needs of deserving minor orphan with the above stated generous people.
The minor orphan girls are filled with joys and prayers for making best use of the school furniture becoming capable growing and developing in education and wisdom.

Yours truly,

Ashraf Naheed
Abba Home
Orphanage for girls,Pakistan

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