Success Story-Guide Book

Dear Friends,
Recently, while receiving and interviewing newly Matric passed students, we the scholarship committee, had observed that these young students have no idea of choosing the appropriate subject. This is because they have no knowledge or counselling about career development.
Attached is a form for success stories to be filled up to help Starfish Pakistan to produced a booklet, providing not only information about the different fields but some success stories too, to impress young students.
This is an effort to even assure them that THEY CAN DO IT.
Starfish Pakistan is committed to our students to provide scholarship for further education, but they need counselling and knowledge.
Please do help us to find out success stories. forward the form attached to your friends. We aim to print this book let before January 2013.
Thank you
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Download form @ or open the downloads page.

Starfish Pakistan Success story

2nd Page

Elishba Update


Hi Anser,
I can just see the hand of God working things out for Elishba otherwise the kind of care being given to her in that ICU is just so frustrating.
The surgery initially scheduled for 9:00 am. kept being rescheduled the entire day today. Eventually the parents were informed in the evening that the surgeon did not report to duty today. It has now been scheduled for 9:00 am tomorrow. 
Please pray that the surgery as scheduled. Elisba continues to moan and groan in pain and often in tears has to continue with heavy pain killers.

Elishba Dilawar Update

Thank you for your prayers for Elishba. Today the doctors verbalized that they are not optimistic about the healing progress of the right arm but the parents have pleaded that they make every effort to save the it. She needs more fluid intake through I.V. but her veins keep getting blocked. With the heavy medication and lack of fluids she is still in quite a delicate condition, so please continue to pray for her.


Urgent Prayer request

Elishba Dilawar, student of Grade 2 of the Holy Shepherd Grammar School was seriously injured yesterday evening and is in a critical condition in Abbassi Shaheed Hospital where the doctors have said that there is only 1% chances of her survival.
Brakes failed of a huge truck carrying cement for construction near her house and slid backwards from the slope leading uphill dashing into the wall of Elishba’s house where she sccumb to serious injuries as she was playing just behind the wall.
Her right arm has was crushed completely beneath the wheels, while her left arm has sustained over 60 stitches. Doctors think that if she makes it through she would never be able to use her left arm.
Elishba is still in the ICU and under constant observations by the doctors who told me that she needs intensive care to control internal bleeding reason of which have not be identified as yet. In addition to amputation of her hand a few broken ribs and is having breathing problems due to clotting in the lungs. She has not been termed as out of danger yet.They assured that they were trying to do their best to save her and asked family and friends to pray.
Even though Abbassi Shaheed is a hospital government hospital I was extremely shocked and saddened that they did not operated upon her hand immediately and delayed for one whole day. I had to send Ejaz to personally plead with the doctor and intervene for immediate operation and medical attention. It is only then that she was taken into the opertion theatre nor have they kept the parents fully informed about the medical condition of their child. Doctors and nurses are uncooperative.
The parents have placed a sheet on the floor outside the ICU and have been there ever since the day of the accident because all medication has to be purchased by them.  Prescriptions keep flowing from the ICU throughout the course of the day and night and the parents take turn to rush to the medical store to purchase it immediately.Only doctors fees and bed charges are free.
The father has borrowed Rs.50,000/- from someone which  has to be returned with interest. The entire amount was spent in purchasing medication and various things required for her surgery.
Financial support is definitely needed.



Shehzad Masih belongs to a poor family in a village. But he is intelligent student. He proved it through his outstanding performance in his academic results. he is always A+ student.
Starfish provides his hostel fee, while he is studying Doctor of Pharmacy from Punjab University.