Elishba-Back Home

I am great full for all your support and prayers, during Elishba had been gone through a tough time. We as starfish really thank the Lord, for the partners He has given us like you.
Beverly, Vice Chairperson of Starfish Karachi, who had been a bridge between us and Elishba, writes in her email;

Her parents are truly grateful to Starfish and all donors for the love, care, prayers and financial extended to Elishba during this extremely difficult time. Her father called me up several times today and I was unable to answer my cellphone. When I saw the number of alls that I had missed from him I called back immediately thinking it must have been a matter of real urgency. But when I got to speak with him he could simply not control his emotions at how overwhelmed he and his family are by the support from Starfish. “
Please continue to pray as we are praying and considering kind of adopting Elishba. She would live with her family, but all what she needs for her studies, we would support. I believe more than, food, books, or uniform what she needs is a coaching, mentoring for not being a person of discouragement but a girl of a faith in her.
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