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Report of the School Health Services visit by the team of REHAM at Gospel School System Hadayatabad


The team of REHAM consisting of doctor, staff nurse and laboratory technician reached the destination at 9:00 am on 2nd Nov 2013 and completed examination, hepatitis screening and blood grouping at 3:00 p.m


After the initial blessing seeking prayers, the team of REHAM was introduced to all the children and teachers of the school. Dr.Robin explained the object of this visit and methodology to students and teachers. The personal details of the students were entered on specially designed forms. The vision of the children checked, weight and height noted   and plotted on standard charts. In the next step all children underwent a thorough medical examination by Dr. Robin. During this examination and, in the end, all the children were taught about healthy lifestyle, personal and environmental hygiene and preventive measures against common illnesses .The mothers accompanying the children were given necessary relevant instructions.

  In total 56 children including 10 from Care Center were seen. These included 34 boys and 22 girls, number according to age being 13 five year or less, 32 between six and ten year and 11 above ten years. The statistics are as given under:-

20 children (35.71%) are anemic.

22 children (39.28%) have thick wax in the ears.

13 children (23.21%) have poor oro-dental hygiene and caries.

16 children (28.57%) have weight and height less than standard for their age.

Two boys suffered from Chest infection/Asthma.

A couple of children had scabies.

One little girl has skin infection.

All the examined children had normal vision and were negative for Hepatitis screening and head lice. All children were presumed vaccinated according to WHO recommendations, as told by their mothers, since no vaccination record was available.

All the findings were entered on the forms for each child. The growth monitoring charts were attached to the forms. All students were given deworming medicines along with iron and multivitamins supplements.

The sick children were given medications, two of them were advised to have X-Ray chest done .The importance of personal cleanliness, specially washing hands thoroughly after toilets, the use of safe drinking water, avoidance of unhygienic food stuff from vendors, brushing the teeth at least twice a day and avoiding barefooted walk was stressed upon.


The results of the this health surveillance and the statistics show that these children and many more like them need a regular health monitoring, provision of deworming medicines, iron and multivitamins supplements, regular awareness creating lectures and literature about healthy lifestyle, so that they are physically as well as mentally strong.


In my opinion, although education is imperative for uplifting our community both morally as well as socially, the importance of health cannot be denied. As we are making all out efforts to educate these young Christians, who are the future of our community, the physical and mental well being of these future prospects need to be given due attention as well, which unfortunately has not been the case in the past, but which now is the need of the hour. An educated but physically and mentally healthy Christian will be more suitable to meet the upcoming challenges faced by our community in particular and the World in general.

 Few of the photographs of the visit are being attached with this report.

Dr. Alexander Robin

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