Captive free

Naseer Masih is the father of Samreen Ilyas who runs United School System in Gujranwala. Naseer Masih is old and ill can’t work harder to earn for the family, to meet the needs of the family he had been borrowing money from Landlord, on whose land he has been working. 



with the help of the generous friends of Starfish & Trevor Alexander, Starfish Pakistan was able to pay his debt to set him free from Captivity. Praise God, Naseer Masih is now free from debt and now has promise to get a Job as Watchman in United School System and some funds to run a tuck shop in school.


(in photo from left, Ilyas Masih, Samreen, Amn- & Naseer Masih-Father)


Kiran sister of Samreen, was sitting at home for last 2 years. She wanted to be a professional Nurse by profession but, had no way of getting admission to Nursing school. She was advised by us to apply to Sahiwal christian Hospital where she was selected on her merit and now she is studying there. Came back in village for Christmas holidays. cooking lunch for us.



Funds were provided by Trevor Alexander to strengthen the walls for the house. pictures above.



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