Palwisha Ahsan

This comes from Naeem Younis, The Shine Education School, Qila Dedar Sing, Gujranwala.

She is Palwisha Ahsan from Dera maan Singh, Qila Didar Singh Gujranwala. She has 1 brother elder then her. Two years ago her father died in heart attack and after 1 month her mother married with her uncle. Her mother doesn’t like them both and she doesn’t want to agree to stay with children. Since January 2013 they are staying with grandmother and she is 67 years old and she have not any income from anywhere last year we provide her free book and in this New Year we thankful to Starfish Pakistan and Brother Answer Javed He gave us fun for the books for Orphan Children.


Her Grandmother is very thankful to starfish Pakistan and she said Our God is So Loving and He doesn’t want to see us alone.