Teacher Training for Starfish Schools.

One day teacher training for Starfish supported schools in Youhanabad, Lahore facilitated by Ian Anderson & Steve Curran.


Report by Jahanzaib Ghouri,

A one day Teacher’s Training held on Nov 4th 2014 at Dar Ul Hikmat Education Center, Gullo Kot near Youhana Abad Lahore.
It was organized Mr. Ansar Javed, National Director of Star Fish Pakistan. Two trainers Mr. Ian Anderson and Mr. Steve Curran conducted the training for the teachers of schools which running with the collaboration of the Starfish Asia. Mr. Mike Wakely the primary essence of Starfish Asia was also present there.
One of Ghauri Wisdom School teacher Miss. Klaris started her welcome speech with words pleasure and warm welcome. She also showed many thanks to Starfish Pakistan for putting in order this important Seminar at Lahore in particular.
It is very pleasing that Starfish Pakistan decided to hold this Training Seminar in Lahore.  This is because over a number of years several educational entities have been working to highlight and address the concerns for educational field. Through this Seminar Starfish Pakistan has given us chance to develop teaching abilities and enlightening the opportunity. This year again by sitting together we discussed and explored how teachers could perform more instructive, collective and cooperative in relation to portray and to access while they execute educational duties.
DSC00225 DSC00207
Besides this, the intention to conduct the Training was for the Brainstorming of the teachers so that they could do more out students.
Afterwards, the program was started with a strong prayer by Mr. Naeem Dean from Dean Public School, Youhana Abad, Lahore. Then Director of Dar Ul Hikmat Mrs. Mariam Sarfraz shared her own testimony and emphasized on some points for teachers which were listening, understanding and then delivering.
Then came Mr. Mike Wakely and said some words which were amusing and sympathetic. He also said a unique line for teachers that “teachers are leaders for tomorrow’s generation”. He conferred a little about the trainers and said thanking words to Mrs. Mariam Sarfraz for allowing Dar Ul Hikmat’s premises for this training.
Now, followed by Mr. Ian Anderson explained a little further about Mr. Steve Curran that he belongs to London, UK and he is teacher since 25 years and running his own tuition center for several years. There 1400 students are studying. He is the author of many books and also a great mathematician. Mr. Ian also said about him that he born and raised in Pakistan and he is also teaching since 25 years.
Mr. Ian Anderson and Mr. Steve Curran conveyed their point of view in a very exclusively and informative way. Their activities free of gender binding and was very interesting and worth learning. They gave three sessions in general based on many commotions and spread out in authentic and instructive words in a very friendly but cautious atmosphere.
In 1st session the point of discussion was:-
A teacher must discover the problems inside the class room and outside the class room. The session was based on group discussion and every group presented a punch line as a consensus of their group.
At 11.30 am all the participants enjoyed a lavish tea.
When all reassemble, Mr. Steve Curran gave a fabulous lecture on based on a parable of Jesus Christ (Luke: chapter10, verses 25 – 35). He talked about four points for the preparation of a lesson which are:-
1.       Aims/Objectives of the lesson
2.       Introduction
3.       Development
4.       Conclusion – restate aim / objective
The lecture was very productive and fertile. All participant s appreciated and expressed with views of deep understanding for it.
At 1.30 pm delicious and bountiful lunch was presented to all. Every one enjoyed those moments of yummy food. After lunch everyone gathered again by 2:40 pm.
DSC00258 DSC00260
Third and final session started at 2:40 pm by Mr. Ian Anderson. He explained and chalked out a plan to overcome the hardships within the class room and outside the class room. He also highlighted that there would be seminar for parents of the students so that management could interact with them and teach to deal with their children beyond daily routine.
He also advised that being Christians Teachers we should always pray for our students. It is very necessary ingredient while teaching in Christian schools.
He summed up the session with questions and answers.
In the end Mr. Ansar gave thanks to Mrs. Mariam Sarfraz and Mr. Jahanzaib and his team. By 4:30 pm this program ended with a prayer by a pastor Mr.………………………
All gusts mingled with the participant and gossip over cup of tea. A practical and abundant day of exchanging thought and ideas concluded with memories of joyfulness, acquaintance and cheerfulness.
Jahanzaib Ghauri
General Secretary Ghauri Educational Development Society.
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