Barnabas Majeed – Testimony

I was invited as guest in Christian Technical Training Centre on the occasion of Open Theological Seminary’s annual rally. OTS runs bible classes in CTTC and this is the even they arrange every year.
In this program there were activities, like, quiz, speech, arts, bible drill along with the Testimonies of the students.
Barnabas Majeed is the one of the student you are supporting. He came up on the stage for his testimony and said:
“I was not a serious christian in his life, hardly going to church. Since I came to CTTC his life is changed. I had bad company in my area, but here i made many good friends and the life changing experience was when I join this bible study course in CTTC. I have known Jesus closely. Jesus has changed my life. I do not only want to develop close relations with Jesus but I want to bring others to Jesus. I have known that Baptism and Born again is a step I have to take and I will and I pray for others too, that they be born again.”DSC02958

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