Changing Face of Starfish – Starfish Conference 2015

Mike Wakely, founder and director of Starfish Asia UK, had his session on Chaning Face of Starfish in Starfish Conference 2015.

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Mike spoke:

1.Birth of Starfish

2. Development and Awakening

a) The Size of our Task

b) Need is endless

c) Raising Money is hard

d) Co-operation – We need each other

3. Accounting to our Supporters

a) Supporters need to see Value of their gifts

b) Money is not well spent

c) Requirement of the Law

4. Quality is as important as Quantity

a) Teacher are leaders of tomorrow’s Society

b) Improving equipment and facilities

c) We have much to gain from others

d) Matriculation is not our target

e) We must prepare men and women of faith

5. Looking at the future

a) Our team is too small

b) We are getting older

c) Sharing responsibilities: Working Together

d) Agents of Change: Our vision for the future

The End?


just the beginning 

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