Working Together – Starfish Conference 2015

Ian Anderson lead session titled “Working Together” on the 2nd day of Starfish Conference.DSC03530 IMG_0815

Ian covered the following areas in his session.

A. Our donors:

  • they are making sacrifices
  • they want value for money
  • they place conditions on how the money is spent


Why am I telling you about this?

  1. A Chain
  2. IMG_0845
  3. Picture1
  1. Value for Money

Discussion Question 1:
What evidence can I use to show that money given to Starfish Asia is well used?

Discussion Question 2:
How are you accountable to different links in the chain?


D. Financial Independence

  • Increases your ownership/control
  • It may increase your resources
  • If people pay, they value it more
  • Starfish’s money goes further

Discussion Question 3:
How could you raise money in your project?


More Photos:

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