Japan Consul General Inaugurate VTC

Consul General of Japan in Karachi, officially inaugurate Starfish Vocational Training Center in Karachi on 12 May 2015.



Mr. Akir Ouchi, spoke to the students of the Starfish Vocational Training Center and Holy Shepherd Grammar School, saying that the grant of 101,000/$ us was given for the construction and equipment to be installed in VTC two years ago. This was to extend the friendship towards people Pakistan by the People of Japan. After completing the technical skills, he believes that the students will be able to help their families financially and a economical development will be in the local community.


While going to class by class, Consul General visited the Karte Class, which is started as the extra curriculum activities for the young students of HSGS. This is an effort to promote the healthy life style for the young boys and girls and prevent them spending time in bad company in their areas.

DSC04761 DSC04762

Computer hard & soft ware classes

DSC04765 DSC04766

  Sewing Class

DSC04770 DSC04772

Beautician Class

DSC04776 DSC04777Counsel General handed over the official stickers from the people of Japan to paste on the doors of the rooms of VTC:



More Photos:


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