Open House Exhibition – Christian Technical Training Centre

Christian Technical Training Centre, Gujranwala, Pakistan is the Technical Institute where Starfish Pakistan sends students for technical skills in different trades. Currently we have 17 Starfish Scholarship holder students in CTTC. Following report comes from Ameet Gabriel, Principal of CTTC.

1st ever Open house- project exhibition was organized at CTTC on 25th April 2015 by CTTC’s Technological Society (C-TECHS). CTTC makes history as this was the first ever Project exhibition/competition held in the history of Gujranwala. A total of 345 students participated with 45 technical projects and models, People from different fields of life and specially industries visited and appreciated the students.
Some of the eye catching projects were ;
>Energy efficient Solar Car
>Hilton Airport 3-D Model
>Prototype of Power Hack Saw
>Wind Turbine
>Suspension Bridge Model
> 3-D Model of Centaurus
> Parabolic steam Engine for electricity production
> Student Management System on MS Access
The competition was also covered in the local newspapers and  televised on Duniya News program “Meri Duniya”.
The video coverage on duniya news can been seen on our facebook page:
Engr. Ameet Gabrial

Christian Technical Training Centre (CTTC)
“Whatever you do work heartily as for the Lord….”

Civil lines, church road Gujranwala.

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Learning Earth Habitations – Abba Home

Another report from Abba Home, Youhanabad, Lahore, Pakistan.

Learning Earth Habitations

Orphan Care Organization provided meaningful opportunity for daughters of Abba Home Orphanage for Girls on Saturday May 23/2015 in becoming aware of Earth possessing rich habitations blessing for all in this universe of ours.

2 Earth Habitations - Report-15

Ms.Gulnaz, Resource Lady, facilitated 30 minor orphan girls at Abba Home Orphanage for Girls in discovering following 4 main Habitations on Earth: Water, Desert, Forest and Mountainous.

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All four habitations were built with facilitation of the resource lady & involvement of all orphan girls specific to its essential components: For example, creating actual scenario of water with creatures, plantations & fruits with fish, etc.

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This was so practical involvement of all girls wondering at their own working & building these four habitations as actual models. All for the first time their life experienced building models of actual habitations with multiple variables ensuring life to go on for eternity with of course occurrence of few upheavals.

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Director, Ashraf Naheed, also took pride at all girls proving their worth in emerging as innovating by creating actual four habitations. He is extending gratitude to Ms. Gulnaz, the resource lady for her outstanding role in motivating orphan girls performing their tasks joyfully.

Empowering Girls in Abba Home

Following report comes from Ashraf Naheed, Director of Abba Home, Youhanabad, Lahore Pakistan.

Encouraging Orphan Girls

Abba Home Orphanage for Girls organized workshop on empowering girls by following the great women role models on Friday May 15/2015.The resource persons were Ms. Kanwal Khoosat, Ms. Vicky Zhuang Yi Yin & Mr.Hyder of OLO Tatolo Organization Lahore. The process was participatory where all were involved in different following activities:


Ms. Kunwal Khoosat took the whole group into a warming up with sounds, body shaking & jumping.

Ms. Vicky Zhuang Yi Yin from China shared 3 stories of China girl, Hua Mu Lan Fa Mu Lan & French girl Jona Ward & Arabian Razia Sultana. All three played unique & impossible roles surprising all in the history of mankind. They faced all catastrophic oppositions & tribulations remained firm proving outstanding characters were thought of impossible.

4 5 6

Art Work was facilitated by Ms. Kanwal. She asked the participants share in your drawing depicting your own powers possessed by you. All did draw their various drawings. Which were appreciated by the resource person highlighting positive & powerful variable dimensions with different but specific characteristic?

Mr. Hyder from Mousiqa Band sang with playing guitar 3 poems & taught girls in both Urdu & English joining their musical master.

7 8 9

30 Minor Orphan Girls also sang joyfully some songs for 3 resource persons expressing their gratuitous admiration for their precious input most important for all girls’ brave & wise higher to highest level performances in life as per the above 3 women role models.

10 11 13

Ashraf Naheed, Director Abba Home Orphanage for Girls, extending his appreciation to all generous 3 resource persons, explicitly shared the need & deeper wish of all girls to go further enriching themselves in understanding & following these 3 worthy greatest ladies’ highest level of deeds. Since this greater initiation was limited we hopefully will take it further fulfilling the most needed & wished The Greatest Human Cause we all stand for.