Learning Earth Habitations – Abba Home

Another report from Abba Home, Youhanabad, Lahore, Pakistan.

Learning Earth Habitations

Orphan Care Organization provided meaningful opportunity for daughters of Abba Home Orphanage for Girls on Saturday May 23/2015 in becoming aware of Earth possessing rich habitations blessing for all in this universe of ours.

2 Earth Habitations - Report-15

Ms.Gulnaz, Resource Lady, facilitated 30 minor orphan girls at Abba Home Orphanage for Girls in discovering following 4 main Habitations on Earth: Water, Desert, Forest and Mountainous.

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All four habitations were built with facilitation of the resource lady & involvement of all orphan girls specific to its essential components: For example, creating actual scenario of water with creatures, plantations & fruits with fish, etc.

5 6

This was so practical involvement of all girls wondering at their own working & building these four habitations as actual models. All for the first time their life experienced building models of actual habitations with multiple variables ensuring life to go on for eternity with of course occurrence of few upheavals.

7 8

Director, Ashraf Naheed, also took pride at all girls proving their worth in emerging as innovating by creating actual four habitations. He is extending gratitude to Ms. Gulnaz, the resource lady for her outstanding role in motivating orphan girls performing their tasks joyfully.

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