World Peace Day Celebration – Starfish Play for Peace Club

Peace starts with Smile.


World Peace Day was celebrated by Starfish Play for Peace Club in Youhanabad, Lahore Pakistan. The following schools and homes participated in it.

  1. Ghouri Wisdom High School.
  2. Light School System
  3. Dean Public School
  4. Abba Home (Home for orphan girls)
  5. Agape Love Home (Home for children in Special need)

A peace walk of 500 meter was arrange on the main street of Youhanabad.  

DSC05953 DSC05962 DSC05992 DSC05989 DSC05983

Participants stop, and observed 1 minute silent in front of the St. John’s Church. The church was attacked by a suicide attacker last year, some died and many were injured.


Children sang songs about peace and gave some speeches too, and it was said ” PEACE IS MOTHER OF PROGRESS

One teacher said in her speech that ” Peace starts by Smile“.





Play for Peace games:

DSC06124DSC06148DSC06166 DSC06110 DSC06106 DSC06103DSC06141DSC06180






for all the photos, please click at

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