Shama School – Kot Radha Kishan

Shama School was established early this year in the area of Kot Radha Kisha. Baber and Sunita are leading the school. The had found a house to start school for 47 christian children.

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To serve the Christian community in that area they have moved with their 2 children in the village and living a very simple life.

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Received computers for School.

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Community School Survey

Starfish Pakistan is initiating Community School Survey. We aim to identity 500+ Community based schools and the leaders who are running the schools with Passion to provided education to their deprived communities. We call them our HEROS. Idara Taleem o Agai is our Professional Partner, who has developed the tool and will write a Report. SANJHA Pakistan is our partner for field survey to fill up the forms.

Meeting and advance cheque to SANJHA Pakistan as a Partner for field survey.DSC06655 DSC06657 DSC06659 DSC06661 DSC07974