Outstanding Christian Students Awarded

Tribute to Outstanding students of Christian community with medals, shields and Cash prize Rs. 5000/


Today, in a colorful gathering at St. Anthony’s School auditorium, Starfish Pakistan paid tribute to the outstanding students of the Christian community in Punjab. Medals and shields were presented to those who scored 80% and above in the 2017 Matric exams. Those who scored 90% and above received an extra award of Rs. 5000.

Anoosh John with 1080 and Faraz Azhar 1073 marks were the brightest of the bright with the highest marks.

“The Matriculation examination is the gateway to a new world for young students,” said Anser Javed, the Director of Starfish Pakistan. “Starfish’s appreciation will help students to work harder in their college life. Some of you will be doctors or engineers — and many other professions are waiting for you.”

Ms. Hina Iqbal, Deputy District Education officer, Gujranwala, was the Chief Guest of the program. She said: “Christians can serve Pakistan through getting education and excel with their skills in a positive competitive environment.” Shahid Ambrose Mughal, Principal of St. Anthony’s High school, said: “Pakistan is giving every possible opportunity to the talented Christians in Pakistan.”

Performances by Students:

Your glory show on the sky oh Lord. Dance Performance

Your are the light of the world. Dance performance

Cultural Dance Performance: Heer Ranjha

National Song sung by Visually Impaired girl.

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