Cry with Joy….

“I wanted to cry with joy”, said Jahanzaib Dildar.
After food distribution, I was coming back and met with Jahanzaid on the road, who wanted to share his story.
“How are you feeling after distributing food to needy people?” I asked.
“I always wanted to help poor people. Today, when food arrived I ran towards to Main bus stop to see if there are people to invite to share the food with. However, there was no one at that time. I was coming back to the spot, where the food distribution was taking place, praying that the Lord will help me to find someone in need and immediately, I saw a family of 4 people coming. They were with a blind family member and had been in Youhanabad, for 4 days. They told me that they haven’t had any enough food for those 4 days. I thanked God, and directed them. I was so excited and happy that I had tears in my eyes and wanted to cry aloud for the opportunity the Lord has given me. Even if I belong to a poor family but I was able to help a needy and hungry family. Sir, please continue this service of feeding the poor,” he requested emotionally.
After finishing with Jahanzaib, while driving back home, I wondered if the Lord had answered the prayers of people who share the same vision as me.